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Warriors Element Yoga

Warriors Element is martial arts-inspired breath and core control with the motion and spiritual centeredness of Yoga.

Building on the similarities between Hatha Yoga and Aikido, the traditional Japanese art of self-defense, Warriors Element takes these overlapping elements and combines them into a unique experience.
The result is the creation of the Warriors Element Yoga Programs of Warriors Edge – Core Power, Warriors Spirit – Stamina, and Warriors Mind – Focus and Calm







Breath & Body Work

Warriors Mind and Kundalini

When you choose to join Warrriors element, you are choosing to become part of a spiritual, cultural community that fosters the development and awareness of the mind, the body, and the spiritual self.

Warriors’ Edge is the breath, the core
control, and the spiritual-centeredness of
Yoga infused with traditional Martial Arts
(Budo) principles.

This experience is accessible to all and is perfect for anyone new to, or experienced in meditation as the mind will be given breaths, mantras, and sometimes movements to focus on as well as time without.  A wide variety of practices will be introduced to regulate the nervous system and relieve anxiety.

Based on a traditional form of yoga that uses sets of movement, called Kundalini Kriyas, to move energy quickly and shift one’s state, this class will create a lasting feeling of ease in the body and mind by using challenging movements synced to the breath.

Yoga Class Schedule

“To the question of: ”How long does it take to make change happen?”  I say: “Until the next moment that life presents you with a choice.”

Sensei David Lewis , 4th Degree